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A List of Social Media Monitoring Tools

Yesterday I sat down and decided that I wanted to try out some different monitoring solutions beyond what I was using. (Thanks to everyone on Twitter that offered up some suggestions on what tools you are all using.) When I started to dive in and I encountered so many monitoring tools that I have never tried. I started compiling them and it got a tad out of hand. I decided to create a list from all this research. (Hat Tip to a couple of places that have compiled data: social media monitoring wiki and take me to your leader.)

So step one was to compile the list, step two is going to be review these tools. This is a rough first version, I am going to add the trial periods for the paid apps and a notation on what apps are free. (Additionally how they are grouped will probably change as well.) This is a solid start though.

[table id=14 /]

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19 thoughts on “A List of Social Media Monitoring Tools

  1. Kevin,

    Thanks for including Sysomos on your list. We’ve got two services – Heartbeat (monitoring and measurement) and MAP (analytics.reporting).

    cheers, Mark

    Mark Evans
    Director of Communications
    Sysomos Inc.

  2. Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for including Synthesio. If you’d like, talk to Nathan Gilliatt, as well; he’s reviewed a number of social media monitoring tools and services and has come out with several reports detailing them and might allow you to pare down the numbers to review by quite a bit.
    Also, there’s a great difference between free tools vs. DIY tools vs. tools+service (Synthesio is in the last category). I’d be happy to give you a demo of Synthesio if you’d like, just email or tweet me (@Synthesio or @MiChmski) :)

    Michelle @Synthesio

  3. Thanks for including Spiral16 in your list and for using a screen shot of our 3D visual-mapping tool at the top. We look forward to hearing from you as you gather more information for your study and let us know if you need a more dynamic screenshot; we’ve got plenty of cool ones!

    Stay in touch,
    Eric Melin

  4. Great list! Thanks for including Biz360 on your list! Please let me know if you have any questions using Biz360 Community or about social media monitoring and measurement space.

  5. Hi All, I have a unique challenge to track conversation patterns for a specific group of people on social media sites. The motive is to search such conversations with the help of their demographics such as email ID etc. In our case for example, what employees are discussing about their company, find their motivations. Is there any social media monitoring tool or any other supplier tool that will help track such conversations.

    Normally social media monitoring tools allow search input as a company name or selected keywords, but my challenge is to provide these inputs as a bunch of employee names and email ids and discover their conversation patterns. Please suggest any tools which will help me solve this challenge. Thanks much.

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  7. Great Article!

    I wanted to bring to your attention a fantastic and reliable tool for social media monitoring – ThoughtBuzz.

    ThoughtBuzz provides the best social media intelligence in just a click! It provides only relevant data and is an intelligent learning tool which gives you absolute control over the data without requiring you to spend lots of time and effort.

    You can obtain more info at http://www.thoughtbuzz.net or drop me a mail at shameer.thaha[at]thoughtbuzz[dot]net

  8. Great Article!

    I wanted to bring to your attention a fantastic and reliable tool for social media monitoring for Chinese and English language– SinoBuzz.

    SinoBuzz provides an enterprise solution, with extensive analysis options of social media monitoring and measurement. SinoBuzz is the leading solution in China and provides Brands with an intelligent brand sentiment tool which gives you insights into the conversations occurring online.

    You can obtain more info at http://www.sinotechgroup.com.cn/index.php/product

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  10. Thanks for adding Alterian’s Social Media Monitoring tool – SM2 to the list! One key differentiating feature of SM2: access to entire 3 year historical database from October 2007 till 2010, with over 9 billion stored social media results, pulling in 35+million/day. No added cost to go back into historical database. Also, above and beyond your usual sentiment analysis, SM2 provides sentiment for 16 different languages. Score!! :)

    Damien K

  11. Is there a tool for comparing the tools…something kind of like what you have here but that would take each tool and their features, categories of business using, pricing and user reviews and allow you to compare. There’s so many out there and new ones every day.

  12. Kevin- great list, thanks for putting together.

    I was just hoping to request an update. Filtrbox was acquired by Jive Software and is now under that name. It’s the same social media monitoring platform but now integrated with an employee collaboration tool. Also, we added coverage of the full Twitter firehose and Facebook Fan page integration.

    Thanks ahead of time for the change :)


  13. hi
    I really enjoyed your list.
    I use a tool called Social Media Monitor have not seen it in the list but I think a great tool would be interesting to screen this list if you include yourself.


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