3 Quick Ways to Build an Effective Facebook Post

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Facebook recently revealed that is has 1.35 billion monthly active users. With such a massive audience, brands have flocked to the channel to expand their digital footprint in order to reach a niche group of consumers with original content and focused targeting. If you’ve determined that Facebook is a practical platform for your brand to hold a social presence on, then you should be working feverishly to get consistent, engaging content up on your page. But what makes content engaging and how do you go about constructing an effective strategy?

3 Quick Ways to Build an Effective Facebook Post

1. Be Creative With Your Creative

Photos account for the majority of shared content across Facebook, and for very good reason: creative drives engagement. Plain text posts receive a significantly lower, almost incomparable, amount of interaction. Users are flooded with information in their newsfeeds and in order to stand out, you need to demand attention with eye-catching creative. But creative doesn’t solely refer to pictures; it can also include video. If you have the bandwidth, creativity and budget to produce quick, engaging videos, you should try including them as part of your editorial strategy as well.

2. Test, Test, Test!

Of course, just because certain pictures or videos work for some brands, doesn’t mean they’ll work for yours. It’s imperative that you A/B test your content until you find exactly what works for your particular audience. Maybe professional photos don’t resonate with your fans, but short form videos make your engagement numbers boom. Perhaps your consumers are more into humorous cartoons, or infographics. You won’t know what works until you test things out, so be patient and know that it will take some time to find your legs and truly know what your fan base is craving.

3. Timing Is Everything

In addition to testing creative, it’s equally important to play around with posting times. Knowing your key demographics is a great jumping off point for figuring out what time of day content should be pushed live. However, don’t let basic facts bog you down. Just because you’re catering to stay at home moms doesn’t mean early morning is the optimal time to post. You need to study the analytics of a handful of posting times over the course of a few weeks, or even months, to figure out when your peak moments are happening.

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