5 Ways to Pique the Interest of Your Audience on Facebook

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You’ve taken the first step in identifying that a social media presence for your business is essential in today’s digitally connected world. But the hardest part is still ahead. Now that you’re on social, you need to craft a content strategy that will help your business build and sustain your audience’s interest.

Facebook can act as a direct line to your customer base, allowing you to utilize your page as a tactical tool for sharing brand-relevant content and developing a rapport with users. But how do you attract users to your brand and keep them engaged with your content?

Utilize Your Assets

Your brand posts are based on two things: copy and creative. You cannot succeed without both pieces of the puzzle. People love looking at interesting imagery. By combining imagery with short, high quality brand messaging, you’ll be likely to capture your audience’s interest.

Because people have limited attention spans and receive a constant bombardment of advertising messages all day, your brand needs to stand out of the pack. Use your brand’s best assets. like appealing creative and smart text, to catch attention and keep it.

Concentrate on a Campaign Theme

Part of social media is the conditioning of your audience to perform a repeatable behavior. Whether that is answering a weekly trivia question or looking for a new recipe every Friday, your job as content creator is to develop a consistent action for your audience to become attuned to so that they will revisit your page again and again.

Therefore, it can be highly beneficial to create campaigns that center around different themes. Creating a similar look and feel for social posts within the same promotion can assist in building interest in your page. A campaign’s content should align with any overarching promotion and generate awareness during the entire campaign period.

Create Excitement with a Giveaway

People love getting something for nothing, and a social giveaway does just that. The large benefit of a Facebook contest is the fact that your business can gain from a giveaway as well, whether it be through new customers (gaining new fans of your page) or gathering the email addresses of potential customers (as part of a contest entry form).

A contest is a quick and easy way to command attention from your Facebook audience and gain a high ROI. Consider how you could use a simple giveaway to build on a campaign you’re already running or create a contest to initiate a new product or offering. Contests tend to receive a higher viral reach than regular content, increasing your likelihood of getting in front of the eyes of users who may not have visited your page recently, or reach new users that you hope to convert to customers.

Develop a Community Atmosphere

Social offers a customer service opportunity because brands can converse directly with users and vice versa. By creating a community atmosphere users will be more willing to talk to you about your brand and provide feedback. You can learn what users love about your brand and what they’d like to see change.

When a user gets a direct message response from a brand he or she loves, it can generate social currency by leading to people sharing information about that brand in their everyday social lives. It’s the modern day word-of-mouth. You are creating brand advocates by building community conversations with your most engaged fans.

Produce Relevant Content

Your Facebook page is a tool that you can use to tap into your user base directly. Use this knowledge as a way to build your audience’s interest in your Facebook page. Focus on content that they want to read about.

By positioning your page as a place for your most engaged users to get the latest and best information about your brand, you’ll build a solid audience retention rate. These users will learn that they can be the first to know about announcements, news updates or offers, if they pay attention to your content. It’s a major motivator for users to be active and engaged with your page.

The bottom line – Know your audience. Gaining and maintaining your audience’s interest is one of the most important pieces in building your brand socially, and the only way to do so is by succeeding in catching their attention and tapping into content that will interest them. The power of social lies in how well you can advertise and get your message to your audience; creating relevant and engaging content is the first hurdle.

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