Facebook Marketing Apps: A Fresh Look

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Over the past year we’ve written quite a bit about Facebook marketing apps: how to run an integrated social media contest using one, the most basic of campaign apps, understanding the best practices around using them, and more. In one post, we looked at how several companies were utilizing the fan page to promote contests, showcase their products, and drive traffic to their sites. Since trends and good ideas are rapidly emerging in social media, we decided to spend some time looking back on how some of these app implementations have evolved. Today, we revisit three of the companies in the latter post to see how they’ve continued to develop campaigns around Facebook apps.

1. 1800-Flowers: They’ve recently launched an app inviting users to like their page and share what they’re thankful for this holiday season. A random winner will receive a prize. It’s a very simple campaign based around a simple design.

Something like this utilizes one of the tips we wrote about before: the entry bar is set extremely low. Users simply have to leave a comment to win a prize. This type of utilization also raises the brands insights numbers.

2. JC Penney – The department store chain has managed to integrate their mobile app with a Facebook marketing app centered around mobile coupons. Users who have liked their page can provide their contact information to receive mobile alerts on their smartphones with coupons and deals.


In the fine print, it’s disclosed that users are agreeing to receive up to 8 mobile alerts per month as well sales info any time they are near a JC Penney location.

If your business is internet-based with no physical locations, this can still be useful to alert people to new content, sales, contests and promotions when they’re away from their computers, and then use the notifications to direct the user to your mobile site.

3. Harley-Davidson – Here’s a campaign that makes great use of a Facebook app. Harley-Davidson has invited fans to create a campaign ad for their brand. The H-D Fan Machine is a unique way to sell what the brand is about while encouraging fans to define it. Sounds complicated and counter intuitive, but it works. They’ve set the tone in their directions. “… always been about freedom, independence, and doing things differently…” So, while fans are encouraged to “flex their creative muscles,” they’ve also been given parameters. How will the fans define freedom, independence, and doing things differently? Other fans vote on the submissions and a pre-determined number of winners (not specified) are chosen. That detail is key in case there are a ton of great ideas or a golden one in a pile of stinkers.

Finally, this isn’t really making use of an app, but it seems to be an effective way to spread brand awareness. Kraft posted a simple graphic on their Facebook page and invited fans to share it. For every 1,000th share, they’d donate $200,000 to a charity (up to $1 million).

That’s it. Very simple. And, if you do the math, they only need 5,000 shares to hit their self-imposed cap. They’ve already gotten over 18,000 shares.

Maybe you don’t have the dough to do something on this scale, but you could certainly think of creative ways to get people to advertise your name/brand with a similar premise. Facebook now makes it easy to track how many times your posts/photos are shared and it involves very little effort on the fan’s part.

What are some creative usage of Facebook marketing apps you’ve seen this year?

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