A List of Social Media Monitoring Tools

@Kevin | Measurement & Analytics

Yesterday I sat down and decided that I wanted to try out some different monitoring solutions beyond what I was using. (Thanks to everyone on Twitter that offered up some suggestions on what tools you are all using.) When I started to dive in and I encountered so many monitoring tools that I have never tried. I started compiling them and it got a tad out of hand. I decided to create a list from all this research. (Hat Tip to a couple of places that have compiled data: social media monitoring wiki and take me to your leader.)

So step one was to compile the list, step two is going to be review these tools. This is a rough first version, I am going to add the trial periods for the paid apps and a notation on what apps are free. (Additionally how they are grouped will probably change as well.) This is a solid start though.

[table id=14 /]