A Social Media Vacation: #2DaysInSeattle

@Kevin | Social

We’ve had our opinions about Klout for some time. In short, we don’t think it is the end all and be all when it comes to determining influence, although it can be a useful tool if leveraged in the right way.

Consumer Value

If approached from a consumer’s point of view, Klout’s perks have some value such as a $50 credit to Lot18 and a wine sampling kit. Others have been a tad less desirable like offers around the TV show Franklin & Bash (any TV show where Breckin Meyer plays a large part isn’t going to be good) and numerous other offerings that were a bit off the mark.

The Perks & Promotion

For instance, a recent Klout perk was a two-day trip to Seattle. Klout reached out about a 2DaysinSeattle a program being sponsored by Seattle’s Convention and Visitors Bureau. The “perk” was a two-day trip to Seattle, which included hotel, transportation, and a pre-loaded gift card for $500 to be used anywhere we wanted. Additionally we received a welcome kit that included passes to the Seattle Art Museum Gauguin & Polynesia Exhibit, tour passes, some chocolates and a gift certificate to Frans Chocolates.

Klout reached out directly to introduce the website that the Seattle’s Convention and Visitors Bureaus created and the Twitter account @SeattleMaven which would act as a virtual tour guide/concierge in the lead up to and during our trip. The website did a great job in aggregating the various events and offerings that are going on in Seattle with tweets from influencers integrated into one map. Between the website, the @SeattleMaven Twitter account, friends, and interaction with various other businesses through Twitter, we were able to get a great idea of what to do and choose our entire trip.

In sum, as consumers, we found that we were influenced in everything we did except for one quick lunch via social media.