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It’s vital for your company to consider the important role social media can offer when it comes to implementing your marketing strategy. As the social landscape constantly evolves with the continuous emergence of available mediums, it is important to remain aware of what works best for your brand.

Tumblr Overview

One medium we recommend taking an interest in is Tumblr, a microblogging platform that allows its users to post multimedia content in the form of a scrolling blog. Currently, the site hosts over 100 million blogs with a total of over 60 billion posts. Many companies have been slow to adopt this tool, but we believe it may be worth your time to consider signing up for the site.

Tumblr Features

Visual content receives much higher engagement ratings than plain text posts. Photos get 2 times as many likes as text, probably due to the fact that 90% of the information transmitted to our brains is visual. Given the fact that Tumblr offers such a vivid stage, it could give your company the perfect opportunity to push great, effective content out to your followers, garnering you solid engagement in return.

Tumblr Advantanges

A major advantage to Tumblr is the fact that, not only are your followers able to reblog your posts, but people outside of your direct followers can as well. This means your posts could potentially receive high traction rates, exposing your brand to a much broader audience. Furthermore, Tumblr was recently purchased by Yahoo, which has raised the question of future advertising potential within the network. With 300 monthly unique visitors, why wouldn’t you want your content advertised on the site?

In a recent study conducted about Tumblr, social media analytics company, Simply Measured, found that out of a chosen Top 100 Brands, 31 are already embracing the social networking site.

Of those brands studied, there was an average of 1,462 notes, or acts of engagement per post, and a 60% amplification, or reblogging, rate.

These levels of interaction are astonishingly high, reinforcing the potential gains your brand could experience if you jump on board. But what steps should your brand follow to ensure success?

Tumblr Tips

  • Don’t Over Share: You don’t want to oversaturate your audience with posts. Sharing content one to two times a day is a safe approach since content on Tumblr has the ability to get continuously re-blogged. Your posts will exist on the site for much longer periods of time and, potentially, across many different blogs, so you shouldn’t feel the need to post too much too often.
  • Think Visually: Since Tumblr users are flooded with photos and videos every time they log into their dashboard, you should make sure your posts stand out. Being creative with your content and highly selective about what you’re willing to put out there will only benefit you in the long run.
  • Get Personal: Tumblr allows you to speak directly to your audience, so get personal with them and let them into your brand’s world. Of course you want all of your photos and/or videos to look professional, but that doesn’t mean those items cannot include behind the scenes moments, sneak peaks of new products or humorous items. Give your blog some personality and flavor!
  • Cross Promote: The sales focused companies that are using Tumblr correctly are doing so by letting it act as a cross-promotional tool. Don’t shy away from linking your posts to other social media profiles you may have, like a Pinterest page.

It’s important to evolve with the changing times, and that means staying in tune with the ever-changing social media scene. Not every channel is going to be appropriate or worthwhile for your brand, but you should consider each platform that comes your way, and who knows, maybe even become one of the early adopters who gets it right.

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