I have been kind of over LBS in their current version. What excites me is what is going to come around the corner with applications that leverage Facebook places, Foursquare, and other LBS systems in interesting ways. One service that I have been a big believer in is Topguest.

Topguest is an application that you can download for your mobile phone or use their mobile site that combines LBS check in services with various loyalty programs for hotels. When you sign up to Topguest, you are shown all their partners and can join their loyalty programs through the site. Additionally, when you check in through Topguest on your phone and aren’t currently a member of the loyalty program for that hotel chain you are prompted to join at that point.

I think this is a great way to tie these existing member loyalty programs into LBS a little bit more. Now you have the people that are most passionate about your brand and probably the most educated about your loyalty programs sharing their check-ins via LBS services. Also, from an acquisition strategy you are getting people into your program that are already users of loyalty programs and have a high likelihood of signing up.

In the future I would like to see them expand what the platform offers including insider tips of loyalty program members about the properties they are staying at and what is around the area. Kind of like insider tips from like-minded travelers. As their platform evolves it will be interesting to see what other features they begin to roll out.

Additionally I am wondering what the impact of Foursquare diving into this market (in a different way) means for Topguest.

Have you tried out Topguest? What do you think?