Adwords Best Practices for Google Content Network

@Tim | Search

While the Google Content Network can certainly provide an advertiser with huge click volume, if not managed correctly, content ads can quickly drain your budget with minimal results.  Below are a few best practices for managing Adwords campaigns within the Google Content Network:

Replicate Campaigns for Content Only:

From a campaign hierarchy perspective, I would recommend replicating your Search Network campaigns to Content Only campaigns and labeling them accordingly.  For example,  if you have a search campaign called “Golf Putters,” call the replicated Content Only campaign “Golf Putters: CONTENT.”

Use Data from Google Search Network:

Because the Google Content Network only gives you visibility down to the Adgroup level, its best to initially launch a Content Campaign with only your best performing Adgroups from the Search Network.  Next, I would pause all under performing keywords and ads from the Search Network Adgroups to ensure you’re transfering only the best performers to the Content Network. Finally, I would start by setting your bids at 50% lower than your Search Network campaigns, as conversion rates within the Content Network are typically much lower.

Negative Match Ad Placements:

At one point or another, we’ve all landed on a web page full of Adsense ads with little or no relative content.  Obviously, the likelihood of generating quality conversions from a domain park is low, so refining your ad placements is a key driver to Content Network success.  Similar to finding Negative Keywords, by running an Adwords Placement Report, you can start to negative match any non-converting content websites.