Adwords Best Practices – Replicating Match Type Campaigns

@Tim | Search

We wrote a post a while back explaining the different match types in Adwords. A great match type best practice is to replicate your campaigns across all match types to manage/optimize them separately. Depending on your niche, you’ll likely see dramatic performance differences between match types over time and as you’ve broken them into separate campaigns, you’ll have the flexibility to optimize them independently.

Go through the following process to manage match types:

  1. Build out a campaign in “phrase match”
  2. In Adwords editor replicate the campaign and change the keyword match type to “broad”
  3. Repeat previous step and change the keyword match type to “exact”

Next step is to let these campaigns run independently for a few days to gather some performance data. Depending on these numbers, feel free to go through each campaign and start to optimize… ie change bids, change budgets, pause underperformers etc.

In most cases, you’ll start to notice some unique performance differences between the different match types. This approach is also a huge help when managing replicated accounts across different geographies, as you’ll typically see dramatic differences in CPCs in the same match types across different geo-targets.