Adwords Best Practices – Spanish Language Targeting in the US

@Tim | Search

I’m sure many of you have run foreign language paid search campaigns in the past. If you have translated the Adcopy to the native lanugage of the target country and tested against an English version, you have likely seen a huge bump in performance. One thing you may not have thought of when targeting foreign languages is targeting Spanish within the US. The Spanish speaking population in the US has grown to over 45 million people and the web statistics within that community are very encouraging.

By effectively tapping into this domestic user base, marketers can provide an added boost to their overall search campaigns by catering to US-Spanish speakers. By changing campaign settings to support Spanish, you’ll be able to cover Spanish browser default users, as well as Spanish typers. To start testing your campaigns within the Spanish community in the US, use the following steps:

Translate replicated campaigns in Spanish

  1. Geo-target accordingly (US)
  2. Under Campaign Settings select language and browser preferences to Spanish
  3. Save
  4. Test performance against replicated English campaigns

Even though some of you may be thinking this approach may be too granular for your product/service, I still think it might be worth a try, as we’ve been pleasantly surprised how horizontally successful this has been for our range of clients.