Novice’s Checklist to Landing Page Optimization

@Tim | Conversion Optimization, Search

5 steps that will give any novice the biggest bang for their Adwords buck.

1. Don’t Send Visitors to Your Homepage: An estimated 70+ percent of Adwords customers send all campaign clicks to their homepage.  By and large, web visitors are lazy and want to find exactly what they’re looking for as fast as possible.   Imagine you are searching for “delivery roses” and click on an Adword that sends you to a garden center homepage.  What is the likelihood you would navigate around the site to find the “rose” section?

In most cases, very slim. Make it easier on yourself and your customers, create appropriate landing pages for what visitors are searching for.

2. Create a Call-to-Action: Many times,   I come across customer accounts that have created unique landing pages for their Adgroups, but have mysteriously left out a call-to-action.   While driving traffic through Adwords is great, generating visitor “actions” and measuring them against goals will help drive true ROI for your campaign. Some common call-to-actions are:

– White Paper Download

– Product/Service Purchase

– Blog Registration

– Free trial sign up

– Membership registration

– etc.

3.   Be Concise: Its important to remember that the vast majority of visitors will quickly glance over your landing page and make a quick decision to either A.) investigate further or B.) peace out.  In most cases, I would recommend keeping the content under 250 words including a few bullet points.

4. Tracking: The old saying, “you can manage what you can’t measure,” is certainly true for landing pages.  There are literaly hundreds of analytics solutions available but here is a quick list:

– Google Analytics

– WebTrends

– Clicktracks

– Unica

– Omniture

By using one of these solutions to track visitor “actions,” you can start to analyze the success of your Adwords campaign and measure them against your marketing goals.

5.   Repeat: Doing this once isn’t enough… continue to tweak and test new landing pages against old ones and strive for better and better conversion rates and Adwords ROI.