After the Deadline is pretty suite… I mean sweet

@Kevin | Social

I had heard about the release of the After the Deadline plugin for WordPress awhile back but I didn’t have time to look at it or try it out until yesterday. After trying it out for a bit on multiple blog installs I have come to the conclusion that this might have been one of the best plugins developed for WordPress ever.

After the Deadline is a contextual spell checking plugin that is available for WordPress and TinyMCE that not only handles spelling issues in addition it offers advanced grammar and style checking. It offers these powerful features right from your WordPress installation and it has made my life all that much easier. When I was using it yesterday it looked like the accuracy of the plugin surpassed MS Word on a number of levels.

You can even give it a try right on the site.

I’m not one to openly gush about a product or tool. Usually I approach new things with a healthy dose of skepticism but this really is something I am excited about and wanted to share it. After the Deadline makes the WordPress platform so much easier to use. Moving in and out of Word for most of the clients I deal with is a major pain and it usually leads to problems. Installing this plugin doesn’t only improve performance it increases convenience.

Okay I am done gushing.