Cliff notes on today's pitch (FPDS)

Hey ____, understand entirely, and it’s a consistent theme.

With that said, if things remain hectic, and we work through forming the partnership virtually until we can all reconvene, here are the cliff notes on today’s pitch.

Convertiv is actively seeking partners with mature marketing organizations trying to align technology and gain visibility into their data. At the highest level, here is a summary of a recent effort:

  • Engagement example: data remediation paves the way for process optimizations and data strategy. Once the data strategy is complete, clients have first-party event data collection across identified properties. This allows for not only automation of performance reporting for the marketing ops team, but also granular insights into media optimizations.
  • Deliverable example:
    • Platform and tool consolidation
    • Data strategy and event inventory document
    • Data warehouse (i.e., RedShift) containing event-based data
    • Data collection pipeline (i.e., SnowPlow) in the cloud (i.e., AWS).
  • ROI example: saved millions in redundant tooling. Improved media performance by 40% from increasing performance visibility.

If your schedule permits, we can chat virtually this afternoon during our initially scheduled meeting. Otherwise, I’ll look forward to hearing from you in the next couple of weeks.