Digital Center of Excellence


Brand Standards

Establish a consistent brand identity across mediums (especially the web)

  • Approve and maintain the brand identity and design system
  • Content modules are approved with image selection, iconography, typography etc based on approved design system standards
  • Majority of images, backgrounds and textures are selected by a variety of people leading to inconsistency


Maintain a consistent user experience for our customers, prospects and partners

  • How should we augment the approval process for change requests post launch? Who will own governance of brand standards for the web?
  • There is no existing governance of UX or content changes over time – this typically is run through ad hoc requests from a variety of stakeholders
  • Extending content relationships throughout the site – these relationships are determined during functional documentation, but traditionally are underutilized across content owners (eg. mapping products to solutions)

Content Strategy, Editorial Calendar and Production

Maintain a consistent narrative across the digital experience. Focus and prioritize content production around key topics.

  • Responsible for final approval of primary keywords
  • Ability to prioritize content production
  • Own approval of editorial calendar
  • Own and approve content mapping in Kapost (eg. tag by persona, by type, by lifecycle stage, by solution etc.)
  • Own the decision to gate or un-gate content


Knowing we are shifting to a Cloud Networking focused message and corresponding product portfolio – what is the timing on the following?

  • Product portfolio and renaming, hierarchy, updated family level messaging
    • How close are we on attribute and hierarchies being approved?
    • Mapping to solutions, verticals, customers and Elements
  • Solutions set and hierarchy
    • What is the timing?
    • What is the new solution set and is there a hierarchy?
    • Mapping to products, topics, industries and customers