Marketing Exec. Top-of-mind Topics

User Experience Design (UX) – increase conversion, modernize design
  • Sitemap Assessment
    • Assess the structure of the site to ensure optimal flow for key personas
  • Web Kit
    • Artifact to extend consistent branding for digital assets (website, landing pages, newsletters)
  • Refreshed, conversion based, modular design
    • Refreshed, responsive design incorporating current branding (logo, colors), leveraging best practices for conversion optimization
1st Party Data Strategy – shore up against changes to Google Chrome and access to 3rd Party Data slated for 2022 and gain granular insight into events across identified properties
  • Platform and tool consolidation
    • Reduce costs and streamline marketing technology
  • Data warehouse containing event-based data
    • Collect and store 1st party data to inform marketing programs in the near and long term
  • Data collection pipeline
    • “wire up” the necessary tools and cloud storage for collection and storage of data
  • Reporting & Analytics
    • Automate performance reporting
    • Enable marketing to connect the dots from anonymous visitor to paying customer for attribution and into the product
Account-Based Marketing – focus paid media against targeted accounts within specific verticals
  • Strategy and setup
    • Understand and/or identify target account list, asset inventory, pipeline targets, flesh out program mechanics
    • Keyword research
  • Surge Data
    • Leverage 3rd party provider intent data to inform prioritizing sales prospecting and targeted digital ads
      • Licensing fee – out of scope
  • Media management & optimization
    • Manage and optimize spend and efforts across recommended platforms (Programmatic, Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Ad Copy
    • Provide ad copy recommendations and image criteria
  • Landing page template
    • Design, development and QA of (1) modular landing page template
For pricing,  we are a pretty reasonable partner and can structure these as projects  ($25-50K range) or monthly retainer ($10-$20K/m range, over a quarter). We focus on long term working relationships, so we are most interested in delivering a win for M33 and see where that takes us. Much like placing a CRO within your portfolio companies, I don’t think it will be hard to prove our value, once we can collaborate with some of your folks.