RFP LoE Email

Hi ______

Your RFP is a refreshing change to what we typically receive, a cut and paste from an RFP found on Google. : )

Thank you for including the objectives for the website and timeline, which demonstrates a thorough understanding of how long these things take from a research, design, development and QA perspective.

As a boutique firm, we take on 4-6 websites a year as they are a big lift and we want to deliver an amazing deliverable.

With that said, I am hoping you understand the reasoning for the request to confirm a general ballpark on budgeting.

Is AdventureWomen’s expectation that this project is likely $100K+? I’m trying to gauge expectations prior to having the team embark on building out our proposal which can be a resource-intensive task. Roughly we see our team of a Strategist, PM, Designer, Front & Back End developers and QA folks at about $5,000 per week or $1000 a day.

Clients in the space include Scenic Tours, Emerald Waterways, EF Education, and soon to be Hornblower (fingers crossed).

We’d be happy to put you in touch with Bill Spaeth as a reference when the time comes.

Any guidance on the budget is appreciated!

Best, Convertiv

Prospect Response & Follow-up

Hi Convertiv,

Thanks for your email. I appreciate your compliments and candor. We do have a ballpark in mind, and to be honest I’ve received zero consistency in what agencies have been providing for their estimate. I will say that 100k+ is too rich for us, so if we need to part ways at this time, I completely understand.

Just let me know, thanks.



Thanks, ______.

We appreciate the transparency regarding what your team is thinking for an investment. For a properly executed site, including a webkit for brand consistency, built for responsive design, in a modular design methodology that will provide ease for creating new pages in the future, with a custom WordPress Theme, properly QA’d, staging and production environments, and constructed in a legitimate DevOps framework, we continue to come out to that roughly 20K a month, and typically 6-9 months of work. You folks would probably be on the shorter timeframe. Our resource group is senior to mid-level, so our pricing comes out a little higher, but over the long run, our clients are very happy with the business value they see from our engagements. Just trying to provide a little context to our approach and pricing.

Please do stay in touch. AdventureWomen seems like an awesome company.