SEO Dip from Site Re-Launch

Hey ______,

Dips in organic traffic are very common when relaunching and/or migrating sites. When page locations change along with changes in content, you can expect Google to take a little bit of time to process the information it’s seeing. Because there are a lot of redirects, Google will need to take a pass at them a few times. This is partially because they give these pages a grace period to see if the redirects are indeed permanent. The other reason is because information about a page was once located somewhere else and it can take some time for Google to understand the changes and what it means for the page and the site as a whole. Every site migration or update is guaranteed to have a 90 day window of traffic dips, however, that should mostly be for non-branded terms (something we’re currently seeing).
My thoughts, however, is that this site update shouldn’t hurt traffic as much as some site I’ve seen since you get a lot of branded traffic. I would think we’d see a slight dip in organic traffic, but I would also look into conversion rates in comparison to the prior site launch. Definitely worth keeping an eye on both.