Bartender Turned Chief Listening Officer

@Tim | Social

With social media being so new to so many organizations, its often difficult to determine what the real goal should be.  For the newbees, its often better to take a huge step back from the technology, platforms, widgets etc. and focus on something everyone can relate to.   Everyone has their favorite spot for a drink, their go-to place for a good hair cut, or their secret hole in the wall for Italian.  What makes those places so great?  Loyalty… maybe its the bartender, maybe the chef gives you a free espresso after dinner, whatever it is, you feel personally connected to the experience.  Obviously, for big business replicating the personal experience received by mom & pop brands is difficult to do, even with social media.

In its simpliest form, no matter how big or small your organization is, put yourself in “John the Bartender” mode.

– Acknowledge the new comers
– Remember the regulars
– Reward the loyalists
– Treat the assholes nicely
– Be a great listener

What people say about your product or service is contagious and like it or not, negative connotations are more viral than positive ones.  In the age of amplified public opinion, smart businesses, big and small alike, are realizing the newest position in their organization should be Chief Listening Officer.  Just as “John the Bartender” is tasked with the hybrid role of being the commedian, shrink, salesman, and customer service for your favorite watering hole, so too should your brand’s Chief Listening Officer.  Big business for years have hidden behind high rises and fancy suits.  Now they are forced to deal with the consumer on a daily basis.  What started as an online marketing tool, is now your brand’s personality.  Two years ago people would have thought it would be impossible for big business to engage in open conversation on a mass scale, but today, your brand will struggle if ther is no one there to listen.  Who is your “John the Bartender?”