Basic Social Media Marketing Plan Part 2: Site Design and Layout

@Kevin | Strategy

This is a copy of the general plan that I laid out for a previous employer about how and why we were using social media.

Phase 2- Site Design and Layout

One thing to keep in mind for the site design is that we want to make content easy to find but also we want to use this site to help push traffic and product.

Keep in with general site designs- We don’t want to veer to far from the color schemes of our other websites, with an eye on keeping the branding the same.

Design ads for page- We should create multiple ad locations that run our main site’s specific ads that will bring people to various landing pages throughout the site. We can create an ad rotation system that will allow testing of different modules and concepts.

Asides-Ability to have short bursts of news that create SEO worthy content that are on the sidebar of the blog

Moderation of comments- We can set it up where every comment has to be approved. This will allow us to monitor everything that is said, so nobody can hurt the company’s image publicly or have someone write disparaging remarks about some of our business partners.

SEO from day one- We need to make sure the design, plugins, and other initial setups all keep in mind search engine optimization from day one.

Tomorrow: Part 3
After talking about the technical side of setting up a blog and the look of it we need to address content.