Basic Social Media Plan Part 1: Your Backbone

@Kevin | Strategy

This was part of my action plan at work for creating some sort of social media presence. It is basically built around a blog that is designed for the industry that I was in, sports cards. I broke everything down to explain the process of creating and promoting our content.

Phase 1- Creation of backbone

In our first phase we need to create the backbone of the site and have the software installed (wordpress, mysql, php) to design and run it. We have decided to set up the blog as a supplementary page on our main site.

The benefits of having the blog on the main site are:

-It keeps the local/retail content separate- Originally we discussed expanding the store site to include a blog because the setup of the site is designed to handle it, it would just be an evolutionary step. After discussing it with Employee 1 and Employee 2 we came to the conclusion that it was better to keep the store site focused on local news and events to maximize the value of that site. Additionally, there is value of hosting the blog on the main page.

-It helps the main site in search engine rankings– Currently (our main site) has 64 back links in Google and has a page rank of 4; these numbers can be greatly improved upon. By having a blog we can create a massive amount of backlinks in a short period of time, which will benefit our search engine rankings.

Tomorrow: Part two a look at site design and layout.