Basic Social Media Plan Part 3: Content Creation

@Kevin | Strategy

Phase 3- Creation of content

The creation of a base of content will be an important step; we can attack the content from various angles. Some of the ideas that have been thrown about are:

-industry news- recycling of press releases amongst other things

-collecting memories- the favorite cards of the people that work here

-collecting advice- how to protect your items, how to spot fakes

-lists- lists and rankings always do well on the web

-latest releases-what is coming out this week product wise

-collector’s profiles- let collectors show off their favorite pieces

10 Posts before we even begin to think about promoting it– Before we even begin to promote the site we need to haveĀ up. When people launch sites and begin to promote it without content, it looks empty. We need to have some sort of archive for people to spend their time on.

Pre-write content so we are only updating current news- Anything that is not time sensitive content should be prewritten long in advance. We need to take a few weeks to continually write content, take pictures of singles, and design any other additional content. This will keep us from having to write content daily and will make sure we don’t neglect the site if we get busy. The key to having a successful blog is to have focused, updated, and entertaining content. The worst thing we can do is not post as frequently as we should.

Have a primer on writing SEO entries- Make sure that anyone else that is going to post on the site understands the format and tricks they should use in posting content.

Tomorrow: Part 4
The blog is setup, it is designed, and content is created now you need to look at the promotion phase.