Basic Social Media Plan Part 4: Promotion

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Phase 4- Promotion

Promotion really can be broken down into multiple phases, but to keep things concise I am going to include everything in here. Using these viral techniques to help drive traffic to the blog will in turn accomplish a few other things including: driving traffic to the site, creating further brand awareness, landing new customers, and establishing a secondary database of customers via social networking websites.

Build back links to blog

Commenting on blogs- When we comment blogs, most of them provide a link back to our page. By going after industry and targeted blogs, we will be able to create quality back links. This will generate traffic as well as increase the amount of back links we have for Google page rank.

Directory listings- There are multiple website and blog directory listings that we can register for that will give us easy backlinks. It is just about taking the time out to sit down and go through multiple lists of sites.

Search Engines- Within search engines there are places to specifically submit blogs, this is something that will need to be done as well. While doing this it might not be a bad idea to double check and make sure that our main pages are registered with some of the smaller search engines and that our sites are being crawled and indexed properly. (It looks like that are but it doesn’t hurt to double check while going through the process.)

Social Bookmarking- I have already started to build our reputation on a few social bookmarking sites, daily use of these sites before we even launch is key in building a following on there so we can generate lots of new and sustainable traffic quickly.

Social Networking Sites- This is going to be the largest part of the action plan besides producing content. I did a study using keywords that we have been using in our ad words campaigns and how many potential “friends” we can add through these sites.

(Targeted Sites: MySpace, Bebo, Friendster, Hi-5)

Here are some of the results:

(Note: I will reveal that I worked for a large Sports Card and Memorabilia Distributor, this was a keyword breakdown of how many people had these keywords on various social networking sites.)


Baseball Cards 14,773

Football Cards 16,360

Basketball Cards 9,474

Sports Cards 24,380

Autographs 63,391

Buffalo Bills 16,114

Buffalo Sabres 106,374

Baseball 3,923,915

Football 2,126,714

Basketball 57,335,989

Hockey 1,167,489

Golf 805,836

NASCAR 25,323,761

Dungeons and Dragons 43,603

Heroclix 3,242

Mage Knight 450

Magic the Gathering 29,724

Mech Warrior 2,947

Pokemon 2,168,065

Star Trek 512,246

Vs System 20,440

World of Warcraft 257,616

Using social networking sites offer the following benefits-

Targeted Customers- We are reaching out to people that we know already have interest in our product. Instead of casting a wide net we are being specific, giving us a better return on our time.

High Friend Conversion Rate- You will get at least 30% of people we invite to our profile to add us as “friends”. The benefit of this is long haul marketing, we can put out bulletins, send messages, and directly market to them the fact we are buying cards, or a new product has launched with links directly to the site.

Creates brand awareness- For the people who aren’t familiar with the company they can be introduced to us through these social networking sites.

Continued Promotional Value– The good thing about marketing on these sites is the continued promotional value they have, it isn’t a one time push. We have a sustainable way to continually market to these customers.

Other things that I would like to evaluate in the future:

-Our SEO across the boards and establishing a “best practices”

-Examining our PPC campaign and making it more timely

-Automating Craigslist to acquire and sell more product

I hope this series gave you a good idea on how to lay out and make your case for using social media at your company and a way to help present it to those that are in charge.