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YouTube has officially unveiled its new One Channel Design, providing new opportunities for branding across multiple devices, building channel awareness for potential subscribers, and organizing video content. The new format improves opportunities to scale, update, and highlight channel content while targeting non-subscribers for increased brand awareness and interest, to harness the rich results of community development and management.

Check out our break-down of the new design features and benefits part of the updated look for a seamless transition. Take advantage of the new You Tube One Channel opportunities today!

Branding Across Devices

YouTube One Channel branding now works across devices – desktop, TV, mobile, tablets. With the new update, channel creative is appropriately scaled to any device and screen size. The display of your brand and its related themes provides audiences with a consistent view, complete with one simple switch. The worries of adjusting from one device and screen size to another are a thing of the past.

Visual Brand Identity with ‘Channel Art’

To ensure successful branding across all devices, YouTube provides the channel art guide below, with a 2560 x 1440 pixel image optimized to fit the provided template. The channel art guide specs can be downloaded directly from YouTube with a complete step by step guide to how it works on mobile, TV, tablets, and desktop. The new guides to the channel art provide an excellent opportunity to refresh creative and match with any new campaigns and promotions.

The provided area for the banner art continues to serve as a central location to highlight the brand, related taglines and headlines, and unique campaigns.

Social Integration with ‘Social Links’

As part of the banner art, sharing links may be featured on the bottom right. URL or standard social buttons can be applied to point users to social media channels and unique landing pages. The provided banner art for the show “The Voice” on NBC, for example includes an external link driving traffic to its full online episodes.

Content Promotion with ‘Featured Channel Trailer’

The new featured trailer, resting right below the main banner, provides a new option to promote content to non-subscribers.  Create a trailer to capture new audiences and increase level of subscribers. When non-subscribers reach your channel, the featured trailer will play, allowing for increased opportunities to grab audience attention. The trailer is your chance to develop brand interest. It serves as a vital component of the new layout as it ties back to the growth of your channel community. The cultivation of your channel community will provide a closer understanding of your target audience, and ultimately how to formulate an effective advertising strategy.

Organization, Customization & Personalization with ‘Playlists and Video Layouts’

The full channel display now allows you to arrange content to fit your layout preferences and highlight your personalized video selections. Right below the main fold, both subscribers and non-subscribers can now have quick access to your featured playlists. Playlists are simply populated and categorized using topic tags – keeping content organized and easily accessible. Famous YouTube ‘cooking’ channel, “Sorted Food” for example organizes its playlists by recipes, from “Sweet Treats” to “Daily Dinners.”

Additionally, with the setup encouraging the organization of content into unique playlists, videos being viewed with playlists, now have a new menu to the right hand side listing out the related videos part of the set. This further allows brand channels to share their unique playlists with categorized content to subscribers and potential subscribers.

Customer Engagement with ‘Discussion Tab’

The new discussions tab rests right above the featured trailer, aligned with the ‘home’, ‘about’, and ‘videos’ tabs. Subscribers can now share their comments within one tab, as part of a news-feed, allowing the brand to view and address comments under one tab. This ties back to establishing a ‘community feel’ with the related channel, as subscribers to the channel are added and engage with video content.

New Promotional Subscription Opportunity with ‘Featured & Related Channels’

Featured and related channels are added on the right hand side of the main channel view.

Both featured and related channels can be added or removed from display. Featured channels allow you to select specific channels you would like to be ‘featured’ on your home page. Typically brands that maintain ownership of more than one channel will chose to display a featured channel list – as this provides added exposure to the other channels. Plus featured channels come with a ‘subscribe’ button. Related content on the other hand, is just like the name says – related content that fits within the theme and categories of your videos. As this is a default option, it’s imperative to address whether or not you want outside channels to be accessible for users from your home page view.

Take advantage of all the new features part of the YouTube One Channel design, while keeping in mind continued video optimization supporting SEO. Follow up with our YouTube updates, as we explore next – best practices for video optimization and advertising.

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