Building a Killer Keyword List

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1.) Competitors: Go to your competitor’s website(s) and click “View”>”Source” on your browser and view their meta tags for some keyword ideas:

2.) Keyword Tools: Use tools like Google Keyword Tool, Wordtracker, and Keyword Spy

googtool 3.) Punctuation: Google will recognize “women’s trek road bikes” and “womens trek road bikes.” Be sure to include any variation with hyphens or apostrophes. If you don’t, this won’t significantly affect your overall performance; it’s just a suggestion.
4.) Singular vs. Plural: Be sure to include both tenses. If you search “women’s trek bike” and “women’s trek bikes” you will notice different search results.
5.) Use URLs: Users will often know right what they’re looking for and search the actual site they wish to visit. Be certain to use as well as variations of this such as: and
6.) Utilize Adjectives: Try not to leave out words describing your product or service, such as, “new,” “used,” cheap,” etc.
7.) Verb Variations: It’s also recommended to use variations such as “buy women’s trek bikes” or “buying women’s trek road bikes.”
8.) Branding: Of course use Branded keywords. Whether a large or small business, you may be surprised who knows about your business. These keywords typically have low CPCs which can result in high CVRs (Conversion Rates) and low CPAs (Cost-Per-Action).