Building Social Clout

@Tim | Social

As the engagement between savvy consumers and brands rapidly evolves, it is becoming increasingly important for these brands to embrace non-traditional channels for interaction and sentiment.  Led by, online reviews have shaped savvy consumer behavior and created a powerful, open platform for trusted like minded opinions.



Today’s savvy consumers and raving fans expect a personalized shopping experience, by which brands are willing to engage via whatever channel the consumer prefers (in-store, social, mobile etc).  As savvy consumers become savvy technologists, it’s vital for brands to not only be found via non-traditional channels, but also put a strategic plan in place to engage with happy and unhappy consumers via social media, mobile, streaming multimedia and community building.

With the explosion of brand presence on Web 2.0 properties, savvy consumers and raving fans have taken these branded micro-communities into an open, engaging, opinionated platform for unbiased decision making.  As shown in the chart below, the power of “Fanning, Friending, or Following” is beginning to take shape.