Utilize MarTech

5,000 MarTech tools and counting is a staggering number of choices. With the landscape constantly evolving, the need for a proper strategy is paramount. Confidence with Convertiv℠ provides your revenue team with a renewed focus on business objectives, not just the technology.

People, Process, Data and Technology

Confidence with Convertiv℠

Streamline core business requirements and align to existing MarTech. Quickly assess utilization rates, consolidate costly redundancy and identify gaps in your stack through discovery of People, Process, Data and Technology. Set the strategy and define an actionable roadmap based on realistic market and organizational conditions.

“Beyond my internal crew, Convertiv is my second marketing team. They have modern ideas in an industry that’s changing by the day. But their secret weapon is that they let the data do the talking. You know what’s working and what’s not. You can’t fake data.”


Why Convertiv?

Convertiv bring expertise from 150+ customer engagements across the spectrum of industry and maturity. From setting a MarTech strategy for a SaaS start up to properly staffing a Customer Data Platform, our MarTech experts serves as an extension of your team and trusted advisor.

Unlock the value of MarTech.