Search Marketing

Create visibility through the association of offers and intent.


Our Approach: With the support of our experienced search marketing team, and accessibility to the most advanced optimization and proprietary reporting tools (Reportiv), we drive click-to-revenue based search programs for today’s leading brands.

To a lot of people search marketing is about growing traffic, outbidding competitors for top positions, buying links, and obsessing over rankings. That’s the old way of thinking about a search program. Search marketing is bigger than that. Little too often does a digital marketing program look from the outside in starting with the customer. If you start to better understand how you are serving your audience, ultimately you will better serve both your business and your audience. The Convertiv search team takes a holistic approach to search, from persona-based asset mapping to personalization. Our stories of success speak for themselves.

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  • Search Engine Optimization
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  • Landing Page Optimization