Create Google+ Hangouts With Ease to Connect with Your Customers

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With over 343 million users, Google+ is the second largest social network – Facebook still dominates at 70% of account ownership but Google+ is not far behind at just over 50%.  You may have a profile but you’re not leveraging the engagement power of Google+ if you’re not using hangouts. Luckily, with a little efforts and some keen tips,  you’ll be using hangouts to not only catch up face-to-face with your customers, but host virtual meetings and broadcast your conversations live in front of a global audience. Google+ hangouts will improve your online experiences to host and connect with out best practices below.

Types of Hangouts

  • Face to Face Video Chat
  • Free Video Conferencing (10 participants max)
  • LIVE Broadcasts

Best Practices

Technical Requirements  (camera, lights, extensions)

  • Be sure to have a good quality camera and microphone. Whether for personal use or business, it’s important for your users to be able to see and hear you clearly
  • Minimize backlighting (use a clean background), and echo (wear headphones).
  • If on the road, use a mobile device to join a hangout on air

Promoting Your Hangouts On-Air

  • Be sure to schedule your event accordingly (whether public or private) and invite everyone to your calendar
  • Utilize your presence on social networks  to connect and share
  • Send out friendly reminders

Interacting and Managing Your Hangouts

  • Start hangout meetings earlier than planned just to be sure everyone can get settled in on time
  • Make sure your participants are part of your circles, as you can only invite people to join straight from your account (you do have the option to email the URL for a private meeting)
  • Make sure to minimize the use of other programs that are unrelated to the session, especially during business meetings
  • You have the option to join a hangout from two different devices, giving you more options to share media
  • Have your social media accounts ready to promote your hangout when ready


  • Consider all parties involved as a part of your hangout and ensure a comfortable and respectful experience
  • Hangouts start when you hit ‘Start Broadcast.’ As the hangout appears within your personal stream, you want to make sure that participants can link directly to it, keeping users within a central location to share, comment, and provide feedback
  • Ensure audio quality is good for each participant (Studio Mode within hangout settings is a good option). Also, suggest muting microphones for users who are not talking, avoiding outside noise
  • Finally, be sure to stay within your broadcast time if limited by time constraints

Additions & Feedback

If you have additional links, sources or ideas that you think would be helpful, please comment below.

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