Deconstructing the Digital Relationship with Customers & Consumers

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The ever-expanding scope and relevance of social media is presenting companies with a new emerging dilemma: how should it be utilized when it comes to interacting with consumers? The extensive list of channels is almost overwhelming. New platforms seem to pop up like clockwork while those that were the “it” social media podium burn out as people inevitably lose interest and move on to the newest trending tool. That’s why it’s so important for you to get a tangible hold on your company’s social presence and figure out the digital footprint you want to leave when creating and nurturing relationships with your consumers.

Digital relationships are more than meets the eye; they must be carefully thought out and executed.

You should be taking the time to deconstruct your social relations strategy, which will ultimately help you create a strong customer service program. Social outreach needs to be viewed as an integral piece to the overarching plan, because having the proper pieces in place will help drive success. But how do you go about building and maintaing this particular piece of the puzzle?

Top 3 Tips to Build Meaningful Consumer Relationships

  1. Use Consistent Messaging
    Consistency is key. Clear, repetitive messaging should be the backbone of your social media communications plan. By remaining consistent, you will be able to condition your audience to expect certain behaviors from your brand. You want your customers to know your voice and feel comfortable with it, and most importantly, to trust it. And this applies not just to the content you’re posting, but also to the way in which you respond to and interact with your fans. Your tone should never waiver. The way you speak to your fan base should be standard across all mediums, whether you’re handling complaints or thanking someone for positive feedback. Allow your audience to expect great customer service, because this will give your brand the kind of reputation that garners loyalty.
  2. Garner Loyalty Through Value
    Loyalty can’t just be built from interacting with consumers on a customer relations level though. It also needs to emerge from the programs you have in place. Running things like monthly giveaways and offers will not only incentivize people to visit your channels, but it will also show your fans you value them and want to thank them by giving back. Make it clear to them that engaging with your brand will ultimately bring them rewards, which will keep them coming back for more.
  3. Post Relevant Content
    Once you have your customers visiting your channels, it’s a must to keep them interested. Yes, you need to make sure you’re posting consistent content, but you also need to be sure that content is relevant. Keep your consumers up to date with the latest happenings and goings on in your company, but also have fun with it. Weave in popular culture items when appropriate and give your voice some flavor. There is a lot of competition socially, and it takes a strong strategy to stand out and retain a dedicated audience.

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