Developing a 'Risk it all to get it all' Mindset

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Persistence. Integrity. Devotion. Passion. Hard-work. Risks. Vision. What do these words collectively mean? They are the ingrained attributes of a successful entrepreneur.

The video below demonstrates how an entrepreneur’s vision must be more important than anything else in their world, and they must be willing to lose it all in order to achieve their dream. These pioneers are the backbone of our economy who never give up or give in.

You must begin with an entrepreneurial fight that will allow you to do anything in your power to achieve your dreams and goals. A great way to begin your entrepreneurial venture is to create your own brand online using Web 2.0 tools. Build up your social networks, meet others who can help you attain your objectives, be seen as a thought leader by writing blogs and commenting on others, as well as create videos and other portfolio items that can be easily viewable online.

Each day is a new opportunity to further enhance your brand and be recognized as that specific brand personality by others. If you Google your own name, what types of items come up? If they are related to your interests, you are going in the right direction.

Being an entrepreneur can be as exciting as it is scary. You realize you are in control of your destiny, you will reap as many benefits as you are willing to work for, and you must connect with the right people and engage in meaningful conversations. Keep your goal in mind each and every day, with every action you do. Leave your mark everywhere you go, whether it is a blog site, a networking event, or a consultation meeting.

Additionally, make sure you have persistence! Think of past entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates of Microsoft, Larry Page of Google, and even Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan from our local Hubspot. They did not get their success simply by teetering away day after day hoping they would achieve their objectives. They had a vision, carried it out with specific tasks, met the right people, conveyed their mission and image, and succeeded.

I have seen companies succeed and fail, ideas triumph and flop, people become millionaires, and those that end up bankrupt. Although being an entrepreneur means a great amount of freedom, it comes with a significant risk of failure. However, if you have that entrepreneurial fire inside you that makes you want to do something to help others, if you want to turn your ideas into reality, and do something different, then get out there on your own and create your very own ‘American Dream.’

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