Build Brand Authority with Content Development

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Great content is relevant, unique, and prompts readers to share via other avenues of social media. The key to developing such content lies in understanding your audience and your brand. Below are several ways you can build brand authority with relevant content that connects with your readers and prompts them to share it with others.

Build Brand Authority with Content

Here’s an opportunity for you to develop not just your content, but your voice as an brand authority. It’s not enough to list what to do or how to do it, but detailed information on why your ideas and suggestions work. What might you have tried in the past that didn’t work, and elevates your recommendations above everyone else’s?

We recently shared a post on Social Media Contests and Best Practices and in it we were careful to list our experiences with what doesn’t work to demonstrate our confidence in what does.

Gift Ideas and Your Brand

Top gifts ideas aren’t new, but there’s a way to incorporate them into your content in a fresh way. This is where knowing your audience proves important. Anyone can suggest Mother’s Day ideas, but The Best “Green” Gifts would be more relevant to your environmentally responsible audience. The Easiest to Use Tech Gifts might be an ideal list of suggestions for your tech-savvy audience looking to find a non-intimidating electronic gift for Mom, or, you can go even less traditional by suggesting The Best Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day Outside for your audience of outdoor enthusiasts.

While everyone is suggesting chocolates, cards, and flowers, your gift ideas are more specific and unique. Putting a spin on what everyone else is doing based on the interests, wants, and needs of your audience not only shows that you’re connected to them, but gives you content that is more likely to be shared with others, along other avenues of social media.

Consult Your Community

Taking polls online via your blog, Facebook page or Twitter account can be useful in identifying and building your brand authority. Sharing results in blog posts creates a specific community where ideas can be shared or debated.

This also provides you with the chance to note what the concerns and interests of your audience are, and use that information to provide relevant content moving forward.

building brand authority with content


The internet is made of information. You want to set yours apart from the crowd, elevate it with the confidence that comes with understanding your brand and your audience. Content is great, but content for content’s sake is not.