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Our Approach

Increase influenced pipeline with signals versus noise.

Convertiv enables your revenue team to accelerate account based penetration and increase pipeline with proven engagement strategies. B2B Go-to-market has changed. With more than half of the buyer journey happening before lead identification, today's leading organizations are tapping into a mountain of data to fill the visibility gap.  Convertiv's best practice approach enables you to lean on our data engineers, MarTech specialists, and media analysts to penetrate the toughest accounts, while you focus on delivering the right message.

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Average increase in Influenced Pipeline

“Convertiv has really helped us to achieve our goal of having an improved conversion rate. We have run multiple tests with Convertiv that have translated into double-digit increases in sign-up rates on our website.”

Jason Peck VP of Marketing, GoCanvas

Our Strategy


We work with you to quickly and sustainably assess organizational change during your transformation to account based go-to-market.  What mix of technology is needed? How will this change the existing data model? More importantly how will people and processes change to sustain a transformational effort?  We deliver Account Based Readiness Assessments allowing teams across sales, marketing and success to align and execute at scale.


With a transformational roadmap in hand, we work with you to deliver organizational alignment and improve ROI.  Serving as both a strategic partner and extension of your team, we deploy a best practice approach for ABM across people, process, data, and technology faster than leaders thought possible.


Account based data is exploding.  Extracting valuable insights from 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data can be a daunting task.  From data architecture to automated insights, our data engineers parse through millions of data points enabling our clients to take action on your most valuable opportunities.

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