Our Approach

Build lasting, profitable relationships at scale

With up to the minute, cross-platform expertise and state of the art analytics, our team of expert strategists, community managers, designers and developers leverage the power of social media to capture your customers' attention, provide authentic engagement, and make real, measurable business impact.

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“The expertise and support we get from Convertiv are unmatched. I have all the confidence in the world in them.”

Kirsten Wyzanski Director of Digital Marketing and Operation, Cynosure/Hologic

Our Strategy


With an in-depth understating of your business objectives, Convertiv moves quickly to analyze your digital presence. Convertiv designs innovative and measurable strategies that build on strengths, and eliminate weaknesses to broaden your audience, increase levels of participation, and achieve business objectives.

Brand Governance

Beyond channel growth and community engagement, Convertiv’s team of community managers collaborate with your team to ensure brand continuity across the world of social, ensuring your brand values are successfully delivered upon in the digital realm.

Content Development, Creative and Editorial Strategy

Convert develops and executes strategies that deliver engaging, brand-relevant content as a powerful tool to engage your growing audience. With analytics capabilities that go beyond “likes”, we provide certainty that content creates real, measurable value.

Community Management

Convertiv’s team of community managers operate as the first line of communication with your audience. In close collaboration, we’re there to deliver delight and authentic customer engagement in real time, ensuring customer happiness and continued brand affinity.

Social CRM

Convertiv’s social media programs go far beyond a given platform. You will gain not just an audience, but a marketable, demographic-rich customer file, ensuring ongoing access and opportunity, immune to the always evolving algorithms of the social media channels.

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