Examining My Former Employer’s Social Web Strategy: Part 4

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This is the fourth and final part of the review of my former company’s 2008 marketing plan as compared to web strategist Jeremiah Owyang’s plan. In the first two parts I outlined the plan in general and the last two parts I compared my plan to Web Strategist Jeremiah Owyang’s list. The purpose is to see what I need to improve upon and give my point of view on some of his suggestions from a small business perspective.

4) Brand Extension

This is not a new concept, it’s simply been applied to web properties. The strategy is simple: where your market is, so should your brand.

A) Web Advertising- We have been successful on industry specific webpages and have matched or beaten or pay per click pace. We are looking to expand this and experiment in seeing if it can be a success on other sites.

B) Contextual Advertising- While we have done our campaigns in google, yahoo, and MSN we haven’t branched out into the content network, which is something we will do this year.

C) Sponsorship and /Cross branding-This was also covered in our marketing plan, we are going to start working with popular groups, message boards, and fan sites.
D) Social Advertisements– Have it on the list to look at but I am not sure if we are going to go into this.
E) Widget Advertising- We have ideas for widgets, we want to deploy widgets, I just don’t know if we have the programmers to deploy this.
F) Affiliate Marketing- Already have talked to commission junction and I am working on looking at Linkshare.
5) Community Marketing and Social Media Marketing

eMarketer’s research indicates that this is the fastest growing area of growth for Web Advertising and Marketing is in the Social Media space. In my experience, the awareness rate is around 30% and deployment 10-20% for most corporations. Some of the tools listed below are not new, while some become critical in how prospects find information about products. Remember this section is less about the tools than it is about the end result: people connecting with other people.

A) eCommerce/Rating Sites- We aren’t an end producer. So we don’t really participate on these sites by submitting product. We are talking about adding a ratings feature into our own site though.

B) Social Networking, Forums, Wikis, Collaboration- Social networking is something that we have been working hard on since day one. We are now participating in forums now but are reluctant to have them on our own site. An industry dedicated Wiki is on the drawing board for this year.

C) Syndicated Marketing-See section 3C above.

D) Podcast Marketing- We are going to bypass being involved in podcasting and focus on video.
E) Blogging- Already using it and growing an audience.
F) Widget Marketing- We need to make these available to customers, it is free advertising and we haven’t done a good job in creating anything.

G) Online Video and Live Streaming- We have brought our commercials and other TV content to the web and garnered a great reaction. Our next step is to expand past that and create original web content.

H) Instant Messaging, Presence- None and I am not sure in what direction to go with this if at all.

I) Tagging, Collective Tools- Working on this for inclusion on our web redesign.
J) Voting Features- Working on this for inclusion on our web redesign.
K) MicroMedia- Twitter isn’t something that works for my company, no matter how much people swear by it.
L) Infinite Other Flavors- Okay my head is about to explode… this has become the ever expanding plan.

6) Virtual Worlds

Tied both to online gaming and social networks, the virtual world emulations have gone from experimental to a haven for some immersive communities.

A) Virtual Worlds- I hate when people are dismissive but Second Life is a time suckage and ultimately ineffective in comparison to everything else on this list.

B) Online Massive Multi Player Games- See above
C) Online Games- Not applicable to my company.

7) Related Mediums

The web will be a platform and will extend to other mediums as well as create new ones.

A) Internet TV (IPTV)- We have talked about doing a public access show that could spill over to this. Not something in the cards for right now though.

B) Mobile Content- On the radar but we have too much to sort out.
There is an 8th section that Jeremiah talks about, looking forward to experimental techniques which I removed from here because I think that my company needs to get a grasp on the basics before we move on.

So there it is a breakdown of his suggestions in comparison to what I am presently doing with my company. I think that his list in combining it with mine helped awaken me to additional social applications that we need to consider when doing our web redesign. Also it has made me think about low hanging fruits that are available out there such as widgets and other little things that people can add to their pages.

How does his plan and ideas compare to what you have been working on? Has this been helpful at all to you?