A/B Testing

Across every digital platform, Convertiv maximizes potential for our clients through rigorous, dynamic testing of each conversion point. This process of optimization creates real time, actionable insights to drive maximum return on investment and ever-increasing goal achievement for our clients.

Convertiv’s team of experts utilize a proven testing methodology to turn design hypothesis’ into proven winners. By deploying and analyzing variants throughout the customer funnel, Convertiv is able to identify design features and user flows that accelerate growth and crush client goals.

Beyond simple conversion improvement, Convertiv’s team of experts test and tailor lead-generation forms to truly maximize their benefit. By asking the right questions at the right time, our clients can generate not only increased lead quantity, but lead quality — generating real and meaningful impact.

In a crowded marketplaces, every offer counts. Convertiv’s data-driven approach ensures optimal results for our clients, identifying proven winners that drive achievement of our clients goals.

With our clients business objectives at the center of our work, Convertiv’s team of experts develop and execute dynamic and funnel and pipeline management strategies that convert “maybe” into “where do I sign?”.

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