The Convertiv design philosophy stems from our fundamental purpose: to solve business problems. Sometimes complex, and sometimes quite simple, we always start by understanding our clients goals and developing a deep understanding of the end users’ experience. Throughout our design process, continuous cycles of testing and iteration allow us to build upon a creative vision that aligns business objectives with human experience.

To insure that Convertiv’s team has a clear understanding of all design objectives and requirements, our design experts work closely with our clients to outline and understand the key business goals that are tied to each design. This process begins with clients outlining their top business goals and it is enhanced through an IA assessment, during which Convertiv dives deep into customer personas, user journeys, and analytics data to gain a complete view of the design objectives.

Rooted in human insight and propelled by a collaborative creative vision, projects come alive in this stage, where thoughtful user experience design evolves into wireframes and a visual design direction that sparks the senses — while back end development coincides to ensure rock solid performance and functionality. Throughout the process, Convertiv implements rapid prototyping and continual testing — and utilizes a state of the art tool set to bring our clients and end users along for the journey, ensuring clarity of vision and effective design solutions.

Wireframes are usually developed and presented in conjunction with the IA assessment, since they serve as a visual aid that assists the designers when they lay out the IA recommendations. Prototypes are then built for UT, which insure that crucial elements of User Interaction (UI), such as buttons or navigation menus, are intuitive. This produces a UX that is straightforward and enjoyable.

Through the use of tools like InVision, Convertiv’s designers provide clients with easy access to review designs and offer quick, precise, and constructive feedback. Convertiv also works in both Photoshop and Sketch and can deliver materials in whichever format a client prefers.

Knowing exactly how a design will function when it is implemented is essential. Convertiv’s design team prepares clear design documentation for every project. By outlining the UI and UX of each template and reviewing with project stakeholders, we insure the final product is aligned with established goals and expectations.

Convertiv’s focuses on creating aesthetically pleasing designs for every device. Aligning client goals and requirements with usability is a top priority. For that reason, Convertiv’s designs are not only built to look good but also provide an enjoyable, intuitive, and effective user experience.

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