Today’s search optimization environment is more complex and sophisticated than ever; no longer defined strictly by the success of keyword initiatives, and simple page rank metrics. Yet with Convertiv’s ever-current understanding of search engine algorithms, desired results can be achieved with remarkable certainty.

Convertiv conducts extensive research to discover the most effective keywords by relevance and search volume, and defines a timeline for achievement of our clients goals. Using this research as a springboard for content strategy, our team of search experts create a lexicon of keywords to drive optimal results.

Convertiv implements a two phase strategy to ensure that our clients enjoy long-term sustained growth. Beginning with a technical analysis of our clients website, we uncover opportunities to optimize for both search engines, and human users. We then outline a long term roadmap to ensure continued delivery of fresh and relevant content inline with our client’s business objectives.

True optimization for search engines relies not only on keywords and content, but the technical foundation and codebase they are written upon. Our team of experts identify and eliminate technical hurdles, while implementing state of the art techniques to ensure our clients achieve the results they seek.

Convertiv’s content optimization method ensure that our client’s sites deliver the content that addresses the customer’s ultimate needs — and speaks to the questions they are asking. We conduct in-depth query analysis to match for optimal content, establishing high rankings and a track to keep our clients ahead of their competitors.

By tracking and reporting the progress and effectiveness of every search optimization project, Convertiv is able to not only quantify return on investment, but uncover algorithmic opportunities to propel our clients to new heights.

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