User Testing & IA

Convertiv’s data-centric methodology and application of best practices result in digital experiences that delight users and help our clients achieve their goals. How do we know? Every Information Architecture and User Testing engagement involves extensive analysis to ensure optimal outcomes.

At the core of Convertiv’s human-centered approach is our work to identify real human user archetypes which serve as a framework for creating exceptional and meaningful human experiences through design and content.

Convertiv performs extensive research and deep, real-world analysis of the end users’ experience with our client’s brand to craft a cohesive Customer Experience (CX) that envelops all touch points.

With in depth research and thoughtful analysis of the end user’s perspective, Convertiv creates Information Architecture that turns the complex into an intuitive and frictionless digital experience.

Integral to establishing clarity and consensus, Convertiv develops wireframes that demonstrate our IA recommendations, and offer a clear view of navigation and user flows to ensure a cohesive understanding between our team and clients.

Convertiv creates digital experiences that align our client’s business goals with their customer’s needs and behaviors. We perform extensive User Testing to validate insights, optimize for performance, and iterate to continually evolve.

Beyond design and Information Architecture, content is an essential component of any effective User Experience. Convertiv’s testing processes generate optimal words, graphics and images to communicate with precision, delight users, and optimize conversion in service of our client’s goals.

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