Testing Extended Headlines for Higher CTR

@Sabrina | Conversion Optimization, Search

A few months back, Google quietly released the “Extended Headlines” feature for Adwords. Google is now making it possible for ads located in the top 2 or 3 positions to include both your headline and first description, thereby “extending” the Adcopy Headline (traditionally 25 characters). This new feature is built with the intention that greater visibility of your ad’s headline will lead to an increase in click through rates, more clicks, and eventually more revenue for Google (and hopefully you).

To implement extended headlines into your ad copy:

  1. Check your Ad Position – Extended Headlines is only reserved for the Top 2-3 positions
  2. Replicate your best performing Ad as close a possible for testing purposes
  3. Insert punctuation at the end of Description Line 1
  4. Test Results

After testing this new option out for one of our clients just by adding a period to a selected ad’s sentences, we noticed a slight improvement in click through from the original ad: 7.46% CTR v. 8.23% CTR or about a 10.32% bump.

Does this change really mean increase in performance over time just with an extension? Maybe … we’ll keep a close eye on our progress and keep you posted.