Facebook- Basic Contests and Applications

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Yesterday I took a look at some different deployments of Facebook applications on tabs of various corporate Facebo0k Fan pages. As I move to talking about Facebook platforms like BuddyMedia, Context Optional, Wildfire, and others I want to show some of the more standard run of the mill applications that a lof of these services provide. (Not all of these types of applications/contests are available on every platform).


Contest allow you to create compelling fan generated picture, video, essay or combination of picture OR video with essay contests.

Babies “R” Us- Baby of the Week Contest- A photo upload contest where people can vote on the Baby of the Week.


Through coupon applications you can create a coupon that people can receive after liking the page. With some applications the coupons can be sent to your cell phone, personalized with your Facebook information, or able to be printed out with your specific barcode.

Freebirds World Burrito– For awhile they had an application where you could earn a free burrito by liking the fan page. Unfortunately they don’t have the contest up anymore but the results can be seen on their page with over 49,000 Facebook fans.

Fan Count- AKA The Groupon Type Events

A fan count type application rewards fans as they enter the campaign. Some application manufacturers tie in sales, coupons, or giveaways to these applications. (It differs by platform.)


With a voting application the user can create single and multi-question vote sessions. This could be tied to giveaways, getting information on product, and conducting surveys.

Target- (Unfortunately the size hasn’t been adjusted to the new FB width)

Virtual Gifts

Allow fans to send their friends virtual gifts for birthdays, holiday, peer recognition and other special events.

HomeDepot– You know you want to give you friend a watering can.


Sweepstakes are usually fangated (they have to like the page) entry forms where people can enter to win a prize.

Harrah’s- Who doesn’t want to meet Paula Deen for dessert? This recent campaign was completed by their Southern Indiana property.

Other Applications

Some other applications that you will see in these suites include polls, quizzes, forms, and fangated FBML pages.

Like I said to start out the post not all platforms we are going to cover have all of these features, some have a few more, some have less. What I want to start to do now is explaining the difference between custom app work and platforms, as well as determining your needs when doing an evaluation. Then onto a breakdown of this space.