Facebook Brand Engagement Just Got a Whole Lot Better with Graph Search

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Since the launch of Graph Search in January, Facebook has expanded its previous capabilities, giving users a wider opportunity to gain access and explore published content. Although currently in beta, and only available to English audiences, Facebook’s recent advances with its search functionality, has kick started the gears on how to take advantage of user engagement and marketing.

How to capitalize on the Search Engagement Potential

The accessibility of information via Facebook with such results in mind makes it crucial to understand not only the effects of Graph Search on users, but more importantly how marketers will strategize their efforts with close access to user data.

On average, per month, the amount of time users to date spend on Facebook, is around 15 hours, and out of this about 70 billion pieces of content are shared.

Below we highlight key search options available to English audiences, and how they can be applied to daily search queries:

Search Features – with Graph Search, users can now ‘find connections to both people and places,’ and eventually will be able to look for specific content at the post level.

Initial Searches – submitting a keyword into the new search box provides a list of related suggestions for users, where users can get to the page of the related term, the provided interest, people who like what’s mentioned, friends who like what’s mentioned, photos of the keyword, and web searches.

Search Options

  • Interest Page – additional info is provided about the related keyword, including ‘friends who liked the noted topic,’ ‘photos that are tied to the related term’ and ‘posts by friends of the term.’
  • Friends’ Likes of ‘Keyword – a list of friends who like the noted keyword is provided when ‘Friends’ Likes of Keyword’ is selected (your search may be refined on the right-hand side). Furthermore, the option on the right hand side of ‘more pages they like’ allows you to explore other interests that might be of interest to you. One more great aspect uses the intersecting options that are available when exploring the search list options (i.e. tying your search term to a location – ‘people who like alternative music and live in Boston, MA’)
  • Finding Local Businesses – key terms related to categories, such as food, provide options for related location pages, restaurants, place pages, etc. For example, when searching for a restaurant location, you have the ability to search for friends who have visited a location and photos of friends at the noted location. Additionally, other local businesses near the provided key term are added in below the fold of the page.

Post Search – explore status updates, comments, photo captions, notes, and check-ins (depending on applied privacy settings). This is Facebook’s recent Graph Search advancement (currently available to select few), where users are able to search for historical content more efficiently beyond set news feeds and timelines

Stay tuned for our follow up posts as Graph Search advancements and features roll out, and assist with our future social media initiatives.

(Metrics Source: Statistic Brain via Browser Media, Socialnomics, MacWorld).

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