Facebook Friday: Applications you can’t fill out

@Kevin | Social

Another week. Another collection of Facebook applications to wade through. A look at five applications from my pending list of over 1,000 invites.

Friend Hug

What they say- Enhance your surfing experience with a nice big hug. Give one to friends, family and more!

What I say- Really who doesn’t want a hug? I guess this serves as a replacement for the inappropriate co-worker hug. I am kind shocked that 10% of my friends have this installed on their profile.

Mardi Gras

What they say- Nothing…. But I am sure it involves doing something totally inappropriate for beads.

What I say- I am having flashbacks to college and various theme parties including a Mardi Gras styled party. How did I get all those beads?

Collect Professional Poker Players

What they say- Build a gang to track down and steal all the professional poker player.

What I say- When I steal a poker player where am I going to take them? This is another game based off of people harassing their friend’s list to join a group. Not a fan of these types of games or this concept in general.


What they say- Use SuperPoke to… um… do stuff… to your friends. If you get lucky, they might just do it back to you.

What I say– One of Slides most popular applications and one that 45% of my friends have installed on their profiles. I was going to make a joke about how I am afraid to install this application because I could lose an eye but really it wasn’t that funny. So instead I will write out a lame explanation of a joke I didn’t use which is less unfunny.

Throw a Shoe at Bush

What they say- Nothing. I assume it is like every other game that popped up where you can chuck a shoe at the former President.

What I say- You’ve played one of these you have played them all. What I really like is the theft of the political cartoon and the hack ass attempt at just whiting out anything that refers to where the cartoon is from. Quality.