Facebook Friday: Attack of the Applications

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I started this last week dipping into my numerous Facebook Applications requests and reviewing the first five that are pending. Again the goal of this is to bring a little fun to this blog and make fun of some of these useless applications.

Buffalo Sabres Fan

What they say- Are you a fan of the Buffalo Sabres? Buffalo Sabres Fans is the largest community of Sabres fans on Facebook! There are quizzes, trivia challenges, waves, smack talk, discussion, predictions, who’s going, and photos.

What I say- They have this application for pretty much every major sports team. I have to say there is nothing I can make fun of here. I actually like it and being away from where I grew up it lets me keep the pulse of the fans. This is not starting out very well. Damn useful applications.

Pass a Drink

What they say- Send drinks, receive drinks, and try to get your friends wasted with the BEST facebook drinking app in town! Watch the Drunk-O-Meter rise as you and your friends send each other today’s most popular drinks. With over 30 to choose from, and more being added, you’ll have to score a few points to buy the top shelf drinks. As you unlock more drinks, your drinking mastery increases. The more time wasted not drinking, the more you friends sober up!

What I say- Really is being the best facebook drinking application something to hang your hat on? “We are the best in sending fake drinks to one another.” This application is entertaining for about 40 seconds and then a shiny metal object or an abandoned box become vastly more interesting.


What they say- Knighthood is a medieval war game. Fight your way from knight to King by raiding other lords and stealing their vassals. Build your kingdom up by putting your stolen vassals to work for you.

What I say- Any game where you have to bug your friends and ask them to “switch sides” is horribly annoying. Even more so to people that aren’t in the game. I think the rules of the TV show “The Wire” should be applied here. If someone isn’t in “the game” and are a civilian you leave them alone. Or Omar will come and shoot you, wait I think I have these rules all messed up.


What they say- Nothing.

What I say- If you don’t have the time to fill out the information on your application page, I don’t have time, trust, or desire to link to and to try out your application.

Which SuperHero Are You?

What they say– Nothing

What I say- The same rule applies for this application as for the application above. I assume that this is just an annoying quiz. But I already know the answer, Plastic Man.

Which super hero are you? I am sure you already know.