Facebook Friday: Looking For Applications in All The Wrong Places

@Kevin | Social

Friday means a lighthearted review of five Facebook Applications.

Vampire Wars

What they say- Start a Clan of Vampires with your friends, do missions, buy powerful abilities, and fight!

What I say- Name the subgroup and you can be in a game like this. There should just be a Facebook “War” application generator that is like Mad Libs.

Hug Me

What they say- Tired of just poking your friends? Hug Me allows you to do more stuff to your friends: hug, slap, tickle, give beer to, throw Britney at and more!

What I say- I guess this saves you from installing fifty other applications and having various ways to annoy your friends all in one place! It is like SuperPoke combined with a beer application combined with other random things. At least they are efficient about it.

Super Cocktails

What they say- Nothing… Like one of the other 1,000 drinking applications on Facebook.

What I say- If you add up all the cocktails and drinks I have been gifted or application invited to on Facebook my liver would be shot.

Collect Sexy Babes ‘n’ sexy costumes

What they say- Nothing… just a picture of a babe in a costume

What I say- It’s babes in sexy costumes? What more do you need to know? The evolution of teenage boys looking through catalogs to check out women is complete.

Mafia Wars

What they say- Start a Mafia Family with your friends, do Crime Jobs for cash, buy Powerful Weapons, and Fight!!!

What I say- Instead of supernatural beasts it is mafia members – an amazing twist that won’t ever entice me to add one of these applications.