Facebook Friday: The Applications Never Stop Like The Mail

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Each week I like to take a look at some of the 1,000 pending application invites I have and decide if they are worth installing. This is about having fun and bringing some lightheartedness to the blog.

Be My Valentine

What they say- Nothing… it is sort of cryptic and scary. It is like receiving a Valentine’s Day card in grade school with nothing on it. That leaves me to interpret meaning which is no fun.

What I say- I should just take the traditional internet stance and bash Valentine’s Day for being a Hallmark holiday and that you should tell people all year that you love them. Just insert your own snide remarks here.

Best Friends

What they say- Nothing. … I am seeing a trend with Facebook Apps.

What I say- I think it is funny that all the Best Friends requests I received were from people I never met in real life. What does that say about me? What does that say about them? This is turning into a depressing look at Facebook applications.

Who Were You in a Past Life

What they say- Nothing… I am going to assume it is a quiz.
What I say- Everyone is someone famous in a past life. I am guessing I was a stable boy or perhaps cobbler. Eh… who am I kidding I was Joan of Arc.


What they say- Tell your friends about the last movie you saw and keep track of what you want to see next. Also, take the Movie Compatibility Test to see which of your friends share your taste in movies or play the Never-Ending Movie Quiz and see how your skills rank against everyone else on facebook.

What I say- I installed the movies application because it is probably the most requested one I get. I am a sucker for movie quizzes and I have to hand it to Flixster for jumping on the Facebook application and really positioning their site well.

Send Dunkin Donuts

What they say- Bring the wholesome goodness of Dunkin Donuts to your friends! Choose from a wide selection OR upload your own to create the exact gift you want!

What I say- Living in the Boston area it is a local crime not to like Dunkin Donuts or add this application. Not being from the area and not having been raised on it I am going to roll the dice and avoid adding it. Hopefully I will make it through the weekend without the police stopping by.