Gmail vs Facebook

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We’ve been using Gmail as our corporate email platform since we started.  Like many businesses, we take advantage of the free email, calendaring, task management, IM, collaboration (Wave), RSS reader and docs for our day-to-day business activities.  Google has been killing it lately with some great additions to the Gmail platform making it a no-brainer communication solution for any small business or individual.  With  new features built in the last 18 months such as, syncing multiple email accounts, creating multiple inboxes and tabbing of the same email chain, we forgot how unorganized email used to be.

But just like most people, I also log into Facebook a few times a day to see what my friends and family are up to…see who’s on IM…check messages etc., which made me think why is Facebook not emulating Gmail?  Are they crazy?  If Facebook were to build a competitor to Gmail, they would be twice the size overnight.  At last count, Gmail had 146 million users vs Facebook’s 300 million.  No one is really sure about how much Gmail is raking in from Adsense Ads, but their main competitor, Yahoo Mail (with twice as many users) brings in about $1 Billion per year in ad revenue.  I guess it just goes to show how powerful Facebook really is…even from a more traditional Web 1.0 perspective.