Google Buzz Review

@Tim | Search, Social

Could the mobile web really be bigger, better and faster than the buy kamagra cheap PC web? With Google’s smashing fourth quater numbers, it opens the door for them to talk about the next wave of innovation”mobile will be the No. 1 growth area in the next year, with significant revenue to accompany the widespread uptake of mobile devices that can handle data”. Its no secret how much consumers depend on their Smartphones for everyday tasks. You can expect the boys/girls of Silicon Valley to exploit this evolving dependence, by pairing innovative new cloud-based applications with lightening fast devices.

For example, Google’s Mobile/Social strategy put another notch in its belt today with the announcement of Google Buzz. To dove tail off our post about Gmail vs Facebook, it looks like Google may have scored big by incorporating social features like status updates, file sharing, commenting etc all within Gmail. As most Gmail users obviously have a number of friends, family, and colleagues as their Gmail contacts, Google Buzz is already populated with 150+ million users…not bad for a day old social network!

For more check out the video below: