Google Shopper Review

@Tim | Strategy

Google comes out swinging against popular shopping apps such as, Shopsavvy and Amazon with Google Shopper.  Many of you have probably already noticed Google Maps 2D barcodes on local store fronts in your neighborhood (at up to 190,000 local businesses throughout the US).  Most people have no clue what these little tags are for, but with the release of Google Shopper on Android, that will likely change.   Google Shopper combines Google’s in house image and voice recognition technologies and applies it to product search to make it easier to find price comparisons and customer reviews while on the go. Apparently, Google didn’t want to make just another mobile shopping app, they wanted to make a better one.  The app allows Android users to search for products via image recognition (CD, DVD, Video Games, Books), barcode recognition, or speaking the product name through voice recognition tying the results back to their famed search and product reviews.

What’s the potential?  Instant access to local and product search information without typing a single letter into your Smartphone.  Google’s massive reach allows for free and open distribution of barcodes providing a virtual connection to anything from store fronts to products to street signs to buildings.  While it could take some time to saturate the world with Barcodes, we think the growing Android market share could help catapult Google Shopper to the main stream.  As the mobile web becomes inherently “social” Google will continue to blur the lines of search and social shopping.