Google Voice: One Number Rings All

@Tim | Strategy

Google continues its exploration to own the life cycle of the mobile consumer. Yesterday, they announced a web app for the iPhone and Palm WebOS devices. We’ve been running Google Voice for months and this new web app is a tremendous upgrade and brings the experience full circle.

Here’s a great example of how an HTML5 app can provide fast and flexible service directly over the mobile web. The interesting thing with Google utilizing a web application is they don’t need to deal with the app approval process (obviously a big f-u to AT&T and Apple). Perhaps this is a prelude of what’s to come. What if developers embrace HTML5 as an alternative to the rigors of the app store approval process?…not to mention, snubbing Apple’s cut for paid apps.

For the consumer, you simply point your mobile browser to and login into your Google Account once, creating  a unified Google experience, all from your original Gmail Account as it integrates all of your contacts.  Keep in mind, you need to sign up for a Google Voice account.

prior to connecting your phone to the web app.

In the past, the main knock on Google Voice has been on outbound calling, as the number would register from whatever phone you’re calling from (on incoming calls they direct your Google Voice number to all your phones).  Now with the new web app you can make calls from your phone that shows your Google voice number in the caller ID on out bound calls.  So instead of giving out your mobile, office, and home phone numbers… just give them your new Google Voice number.  For a complete run down on Google Voice check out this video.